28 February Amazon Quiz Answers [SOLVED]

28 February Amazon Quiz
28 February Amazon Quiz

28 February Amazon Quiz Answers

This quiz is only playable in Amazon App. If you don't find the questions then please search for 'fun zone'. In the fun zone section you will get the questions.

You can Download Amazon App from these-

Here are the answers of the questions for 28 February Amazon Quiz-

Q1. Which of these is the common title of a 2003 Ramgopal Varma film and a 2020 Vicky Kaushal release?

Answer- Bhoot

Q2. Who has become the first Indian to reach 50 million Instagram followers?

Answer- Virat Kohli

Q3. The founder of retail chain DMart is the second richest person in India according to Forbes. Who are we referring to?

Answer- Radhakishan Damani

Q4. Which company signed an agreement with AAI for operating the Ahmedabad, Mangaluru, and Lucknow airports for the next 50 years?

Answer- Adani Group

Q5. Facebook recently released which app to help hobbyists organize photos of their own projects into themed collections?



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