Diwali Contest by GourmetCo

diwali contest
Diwali Contest

This is first diwali contest in 2017. The contest is conducting by GourmetCo.They will take 9 weeklyu contests till diwali. So many chances to win. Participants will get diwali hampers as prize.

This time you have to answer 3 questions. We have already given the answers for you.

Q.1. Gumbo is a stew that originated in which state?
A. Louisiana

Q.2.Paella, a famous rice dish originated in which country?
C. Spain

Q.3.How many mother sauces are there in classical French cuisine?
C. 5

How to participate-

1. Like GourmetCo

2. Like & Share the contest post

3. Put your answers in the comment section and tag 10 friends with it.


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