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Diwali Contest
Diwali Contest

This is an awesome Diwali contest. This is also a quiz contest. This contest is on Facebook and it's conducting by Hawelia Group. Participants just have to answer some questions. 3 lucky winners will be selected by lucky draw.

Answers are given here:-

1. “Thalai Deepavali” is a unique Diwali custom of which Indian state?
(A).Kerala (B).Tamil Nadu (C).Andhra Pradesh (D).Karnataka

Answer:- (B)- Tamil Nadu

2. Who killed Narakasura and when?
(A).Lord Narayana, Satya Yuga (B).Lord Shiva, Kali Yuga (C).Lord Krishna, Dwapar Yuga (D).Lord Rama, Treta Yuga

Answer:- (C)- Lord Krishna, Dwapar Yuga

3. In Diwali celebration what is celebrated on the last days? 
(A).Dhan Teras (B).Narak Chaturdashi (C).Govardhan (D).Yama Dvitiya

Answer:- (D)- Yama Dvitiya

4. Govardhan Puja is for Which Lord?
(A).Lord Ganesha (B).Lord Shiva (C).Lord Krishna (D).Lord Vishnu

Answer:- (C)- Lord Krishna

5. There is no public holiday for Diwali in which of the following countries? 
(A).Singapore (B).Fiji (C).Thailand (D).Trinidad & Tobago

Answer:- (C)- Thailand

6.Which Hindu month is Diwali observed on?
(A).Ashvin (B).Kartik (C).Chaitra (D).Sravana

Answer:- (B)- Kartik

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Multiple entries are not allowed for this contest. The last date of this contest is 31st October, 2016.


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